Prince Aleron

Duke Aleron Prince and Founder of the Kindred Domain of Las Vegas


Sire: Unknown
Bloodline: Spina ( Active )
Childe: Elena (Notery), Lana (Judex)

Title: Your Highness, Your Excellency.
Position: Prince to the Domain of Las Vegas


Prince Aleron, the Founder of the Domain of Las Vegas. It’s unknown when he arrived to Vegas, only that his Children were in tow, or where he arrived from.
The age of Aleron is unknown, only that he older than many Elders, the Prince is coy in regards to providing his age. The rumours are he is so old that he doesn’t even know himself.

Prince Aleron is a known collector of the weird and wonderful, keeping various artefacts within the Archive in the depths of his Haven in Vegas.
Aleron is known to have his own mystical private “bath house” within the Archive (established by a Appollinaire gateway), within the depths of this bathhouse there is an underwater ruin, as ancient as time it’s self.

Prince Aleron

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