Insufferable Asshats

Those met in passing


Around Las Vegas:
Jessica McTavish – Teenager attacked by Vampires.
Walter Blunt – Ex Mayor of Las Vegas ( Deceased ).
Dr Abugarbi – Ghoul Doctor at Las Vegas General Hospital.
Edward & Torvold – Elder Vampires within Elysium, tend to gossip.
Pan – Carthian Contact.
Manfred Drake – Previous Sheriff of Vegas Domain ( Deceased ).
Isaac – Stolen Budgie Ghoul.

The Lotus Flower Strippers:
Sapphire – Blue Hair, Head Stripper.
Pearl – White Hair.
Ruby – red hair.
Emerald – Green hair.
Lapic & Lazuli – Twins with black and blue hair.
Topaz – Yellow/orange hair.
Jet – black hair.


Insufferable Asshats

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