Madam Katryn



Sire: -
Bloodline: Gulikan ( Active )
Childe: -

Title: Alder Baroness (Identifies as Madam in normal occasions)
Position: Councilor


It is not known when Madam Katryn came to Vegas, but when she did, her perfume followed.

Due to her keen nose she wears a veil or covers her face with a handkerchief to hide her sniffles. Setting herself up right in the center of the Rack and opposite Elysium. Katryn created her own paradise, for mortals and kindred, in the form of strip club come brothel/feeding ground named: The Lotus Flower.
Not much is known about Katryn other than her keen sense of smell and desire for power and sex. Many of the Kindred within Vegas consider her to be a mother of sorts, helping all that need her and smiting those who hurt her.

Alliances were tested around the time of Prince Gabe’s demise, as it was well known she was working against him to bring back Aleron, the founder of the Vegas domain. Serena was mothered by Katryn due to their mutual hate for the grotesque Prince, Gabe.

Since helping Aleron rise back to his rightful place, Katryn has taken to tending to The Lotus Flower, enjoying the rare calm, before that next particular smell arises.

Madam Katryn

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