Lady Serena

Priscus of the Ventrue - In Torpor


Sire: Prince Gabe ( deceased )
Bloodline: Macellarius ( dormant )
Childe: -

Title: Lady Alder
Position: Priscus of the Ventrue


Lady Serena, forcefully sired by Prince Gabe in her youth.

Serena, legitimate child to Rosie the Hound of Las Vegas, was brought into unlife by the Second Prince, Gabe. She quickly rose to amongst the Kindred of Vegas, becoming Priscus to the Ventrue.
Upon her turning and her adjustment into the World of Darkness, she found herself wandering the halls of Elysium and the adjacent Haven for the Prince. Speaking to the Judex and Notary about the Founder and First Prince of Vegas, Aleron. Serena began to love him from afar (as no one knew his whereabouts) as the Prince she deserved, rather than the one she was sired by.

After Prince Alerons return, Serena rose to the title of Priscus, having a new lease in life. Especially after the demise of her Sire. However, Serena’s unlife was cut short after her kidnapping by the Prince of Dallas, ending with her in Torpor.

After her rescue and return to Vegas via an Apollinaire doorway, Aleron left her in Torpor, and placed her within the Crypts of the Domain.

Lady Serena

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