Arlie LaVumare

Priestess of Ghede and servant of the Loa


Sire: Louis Christope Dominick Duminy de Glapion
Bloodline: Apollinaire
Childe: Houngan Claude Valentine (Ghede), Gael Laurent (Papa Legba), and Alex Duchamp (Kalfou)
Ward: Lilly Hawthorne

Title: Lady Alder/Priestess/Mambo
Position: -


Voodoo Preistess infamous in New Orleans. Prior to her and her Childe moving to Las Vegas, her and her three Childe, attempted to overthrow Prince Videl, by gaining disciples and soldiers.
However, as her ranks were building, Videl forced Mistress Arlie’s hand causing him to banish her and her Childe from New Orleans, sending her to Las Vegas, and essentially trapping them there via a forced blood oath. Never to return to their New Orleans home.

Vegas has been a kind adopted home, Prince Aleron, taking Mistress Arlie as an acquaintance, and some rumours say as a friend. In recent times, Mistress Arlie took upon a ward a very new Childe (and not of her own making) named Lilly to be turned from a creature with tainted blood, to a potential Priestess of Kalfou.

It is no secret in regards to her Childe, that Claude is her favourite, taking after her with his Patron of Ghede. Gael a man of simple nature, but power underneath and finally Alex, a Childe of more questionable and a nasty nature (chosen for his mannerisms more than Voudun afinity).

Arlie LaVumare

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